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  1. 2010.03.18 Save you -Matthew perryman jones

Matthew perryman jones - Save you  2007

Matthew perryman jones - Save you
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Save You
by Matthew Perryman Jones
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Original Release Date: September 4, 2007
Format: MP3, 256 kbps  

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Original Release Date: September 4, 2007
Label: MPJ Music
Copyright: 2007 MPJ Music
Genres: Rock/General, Alternative Rock/Singer-Songwriters, Alternative Rock, Alternative Rock/General







I wanna rock-n-roll
I wanna give my soul
I'm wanting to belielve
I'm not too old
Don't want to make it up
Don't want to let you down
I want to fly away
But I'm stuck on the ground

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you

Watched it all go by
was it really true
is that what is was?
was that really you?
I'm looking back again
tracing back the threads
You said I was a mess
or was it just in my head


Something's gotta break
You gotta swing the bat
too many years of dying
why is that?


written by Matthew Perryman Jones & Neilson Hubbard
(c) 2007

Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Engineered & Mixed by Andy Hunt



Matthew Perryman Jones
Genre: Progressive / Rock / Indie
Last Update: Sep 25, 2007
Plays: 144,938
Views: 61,725
Fans: 5,824






<U>213 Leap Of Faith</U>
? (Lori, Kyle & Declan discuss Kyle's plans)
The Last One - Cary Brothers (Jessi & Kyle find the diner in Adam's picture)
Trillion Things - Gus Black (Kyle & Jessi ask the waitress for directions)
The Alchemy Between Us - Young Galaxy (Jessi & Kyle arrive at Route 12)
Save You - Matthew Perryman Jones (The Tragers decide to wait for Kyle to come home / Jessi runs after she & Kyle communicate with Adam)


이곡은 미드kyleXY의 삽입곡중 하나입니다. 

13화까지밖에 못봤는데,13회의 여운이 많이 남아서... 

인터넷을 통째로 뒤져 한번 올려봅니다

보니깐 이곡이 신곡이더군요. 

9월 4일 발매인데, mp3되어있는 디지털싱글인가봅니다. 

아마존에서 아무리 뒤져봐도 mp3밖에 안나오네요.

2007/09/27 05:58

여기에  날짜가 따로 적혀있는것은 예전 네이버에 블로깅을 했던 게시물들입니다.
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제가 좋아하는 아티스트가 와~~~ 유명해졌다니 너무 좋네요.^_______^



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