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  1. 2011.05.03 후타바 메뉴얼 관련 모음

후타바 메뉴얼 관련 모음

9Z Product Manual
Please note that there is an error in the diagram on page 18 of the manual. The connections to the receiver between the DSC charge cord and the battery should be reversed so that the battery goes to the B9 connection on the receiver and the DSC cord goes to the DSC connection.
Update: July 18, 2002 - the main 9Z manual PDF files are now searchable and easier to read.

 9Z - Pages 1-76 (3,352K)
 9Z - Pages 77-152 (3,346K)
 9Z WC Addendum (1,079K)
 9Z WC2 Addendum (451K)
 Getting to Know the 9Z Guide (231K)

See the 9Z Glossary for information not found in the standard manual; see the 9Z FAQ for answers to specific 9Z issues.





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